Zanias is a cosmic starchild in her space-folding singularity of a video for “Through This Collapse”

Continuing a theme reminiscent of Frank Herbert’s Dune begun with the video for Follow The Body which premiered on The Brvtalist last month—Zanias has shared with us her next film showcasing the music from her solo debut EP To The Core—the space folding singularity that is the video for Through this Collapse.

Through This Collapse was the first track written on for the EP To The Core (a collaboration with producer Alex Akers of Forces)—describing the exact moment of despair when all hope is ceases to exist—liberating the spirit to rise from the void…reborn.

The video is directed, produced, & edited by Ouroborosa partnership of multidisciplinary artists Jeremy Carne (UK) and Nikolas Kasinos (CY) whose vision of ethereal transcendence they were given carte-blanche by Zanias to express:

“We were interested in this duality that comes with the collapse; the symbiotic cycle of disintegration and assimilation. Empowerment through vulnerability and the act of surrendering everything in order to regain control.”

Styling for the video by Andrei Yakovlev Mich with pieces from Berlin-based designers UY, Melissa Tofton Leather, Degenerotica, and jewellery from Gareth Pugh

To The Core is out now on Noiztank Records