Transfigure | Fields Single with Martial Canterel Remix
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Newcastle-based Minimal Synth duo Transfigure caught my attention in 2015, after they were playing two great shows in my former home Bochum and in Berlin. Lewis Norvid and Grace Miré are currently rising to be one of the definite newcomers to watch in 2016, and Fields, their first output this year, raises the bar for future releases considerably.

The A Side, Fields, offers touching minimal pop, based on analogue sequencers and audibly influenced by the NYC Wierd scene and their 80s-influenced, Cold Wave based releases, with vocal performances that haven’t been heard as good as they are now from Transfigure.

Reminiscent of Oppenheimer Analysis‘ way of integrating female vocals into electronic pop, the callback of the two musicians—astonishingly just recently out of their teens—to the 80s is perfectly clear, and left deep traces in the band’s sound.

A more recent influence is Sean McBride’s work with Xeno and Oaklander and Martial Canterel, and it was certainyly a great deal for the band to have him remix Fields. The track is a rock-solid remix of the original, and emphasises the subtly present SH-101 sounds that shaped the sounds of Martial Canterel/Xeno and Oaklander and Transfigure respectively.

The record will be out on on the band’s own Sectarian Divide label (also releasing Qual‘s first single) on February 19, and will be available as a digital download as well.

Enjoy one fine band to watch in the next few months.