Vandal Moon Glow in Phosphor Nostalgia with Their Video for “Computer Love”

Santa Cruz synth band Vandal Moon is premiering with us today the video for the second track featured on their LP Wild Insane, “Computer Love”.

Both the song and the video echo the retro sensibilities of the 1984 film Electric Dreams or that one scene in 1986’s Pretty In Pink, rather than the Kraftwerk song bearing the same name, while also bridging the gap between nostalgia and love in the modern digital age.

The video is directed by Pablo Chavez and stars Kirah Hitchcock as our pink haired heroine who explores a vintage shop, on a quest to escape the pervasive dystopian detachment of the day. In the end, she brings home an Oscilloscope, and tunes in its frequencies while jamming with her synth in front of the mirror, as a face emerges in the glow of an archaic digital green.

Wild Insane is out now.

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