The Cold-wave and Dark Folk Melodies of Vesperal’s “Conqueror of Emptiness”

Hailing from Paris France, dark folk and cold-wave act Vesperal recently released their chilling and somber full length debut Conqueror of Emptiness. The eight track record is adrift in Parisian poesy and nihilistic existentialism channelled through hushed vocals softly reverberating over an icy fusion of electric and acoustic guitars.

The cassette version of Conqueror of Emptiness released through Le Recours aux Forêts, contains a bonus a piano version of I am the Silence, as well as the track Extinction, for which there is a hand crafted animated video directed by Darko Subotin. 

Watch Below:

Vesperal recently opened for Lydia Lunch in Paris, are currently working on material for future releases.

Order Conqueror Of Emptiness Here (available in a Special Edition, with bag, sigil, pins and more!)