Watch the trailer for New Wave icon Anne Clark’s documentary ‘I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow’

Highly influential and highly regarded Electronic musician and British poet Anne Clark is the subject of a new documentary I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow by Claus Withopf.

The film chronicles Clark’s humble working class Croydon upbringing into stardom at the age of 21, to the establishment of her legacy as progenitor of her ubiquitous sound of analogue synths amplified by powerful lyricism.

Clark has never ceased inspiring musicians over the past 3 decades. Whether you are a patron of Goth or Techno clubs, you’ll notice that any DJ worth their salt has incorporated her classic tracks Our Darkness and Sleeper In Metropolis into their set at least once.

Watch the trailer for the documentary below, and note the use of footage from a live performance of her John Foxx collaborative track Heaven of the LP Pressure Points in the trailer’s intro.

I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow is set for release in select theatres on January 25th.