Wax Idols’ New Single Embodies the Embers of Loss

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] scent of burnt wax and charred streaks remain across this weighty, aching ballad, lamenting an extinguished companionship. Yet there is still a hopeful warmth deep in the core of this new single from Oakland-based Wax Idols. American Tragic, their third album, is coming October 16. Members Jen Mundy, Amy Rosenoff & Kevon Tecon (Both members of Vaniish)  and manager/founder Hether Fortune first came together in 2011, and are releasing their work this time on Collect Records.

The new album title suggests a universality she is aiming for in her songwriting at this point, and possibly a narrative structure, recalling one of two popular forms of ancient Greek theater. In the end, it is hinting at a turbulent, destructive force in her life and her battle, resolution, coping.

Hether Fortune of Wax Idols.

After the song’s robust beginning, Fortune’s throaty, androgynous voice carries the listener through powerful guitars and oscillating synths. Her soul’s words harbor two prominent emotions regarding her loss: an angsty resentment, and a resigned reluctance, chanting in synchronicity during the chorus. This is the anthem of a strong woman who is getting older and now knows the best thing to do in this situation, yet a big part of her is still impassioned with indignation, and then sobered up with chagrin. She is working on letting go with grace, which is evident in the nuances of her voice and instrumentation.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, you can find evocative imagery that best sums up the quartet  at waxidols.tumblr.com. Find them as well on Facebook and Twitter. You can digitally order American Tragic here.