Belgium’s Dark Post-Punk heroes Whispering Sons premiere their intensely visceral video for “Strange Identities”

[dropcap]Warning[/dropcap], do not watch the video for Strange Identities from Whispering Sons if you have a weak heart—or unless you wish be taken away in an ambulance as the protagonist and his entourage of injured friends seem to desire. This video is something J.G. Ballard would come up with if he were more of a romantic—and if you asked me prior to watching if I were to ever give any piece of art that description I would probably give you an ironic laugh. The novel Crash was about a new perverse sexuality—whereas Strange Identities seems to be about some sort of shared intimacy through pain and grotesque injury.

Strange Identities is directed by Koen Blauwblomme and Pieter De Ridde (SenSorShip).

Pick up the new Whispering 7 inch will be released on November 25 via Weyrd Son Records—pre-order HERE!)



07/02 CAFE GLOCKSEE, Hannover (DE)
08/02 Lokomov, Chemnitz (DE)
09/02 Monarch Berlin, Berlin (DE)
10/02 Druckluft, Oberhausen (DE)
11/02 GRAUZONE, The Hague (NL)
13/02 FZW, Dortmund (DE)
14/02 MTC Cologne, Cologne (DE)
15/02 De Gudde Wëllen, Luxembourg (LUX)
16/02 TBC, Paris (FR)
17/02 Hall of Fame, Tilburg (NL)
18/02 Charlatan, Ghent (BE)