Winter Severity Index “Slanting Ray” CD/2LP Review

Some may remember Winter Severity Index from their debut EP in 2010 by the same name. The band fronted by Simona Ferrucci started as an all-female four-piece and was quickly able to gain a reputation across Europe and play with greats such as ChameleonsVox, Charles De Goal, Joy Disaster, and Soviet Soviet. Now, reduced to a duo, they have finally released their first Double-LP on Bloodrock Records (the CD version is out on Manic Depression) after last year’s Survival Rate EP.

Even if you haven’t heard of them before, it’s hard not to fall in love with this band after the first few seconds of Slanting Ray‘s opener At Least The Snow. This song is a pretty good introduction into the band’s spectrum of timeless guitar-wave-sound that can send chills down your spine even on the hottest summer days.

The record really sounds like it was made in the 80s, not because the band tries so hard to be “retro” – it doesn’t feel like they are trying, even though there are obvious inspirations: The Cure, Xymox or The Chameleons etc. come to mind – but because the melancholic layer that is present in all their songs transports the exact same feeling like for example For Against‘s early material.

From Rome with Love

The second song, Ordinary Love, leaves no more doubts about the qualities of this band, as it’s a guaranteed dancefloor-filler with its strife between hope and desperation and this incredibly addicting saxophone…

I’m not going to continue and desribe every song in detail, as I am obviously completely biased, but for a good reason. I’ve had this album on heavy rotation ever since I got it, and even though Winter Severity Index had passed under my radar prior to this release, they managed to impress me – a lot. Hopefully there will be more positive press for this band that really feels like a fresh breeze in a valley of bands who try to relive a decade they only got to know by hearsay – this is how it’s done!

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