Youth Code – Consuming Guilt Video released

After their critically acclaimed debut epynomous debut album, EBM/Harsh Electro-hopefuls Youth Code came back to make you stomp with a great track called “Consuming Guilt”, off the recently published “A Place To Stand” EP. While the auditive aspect of that tune in a broader article, I highly recommend watching the really good video that was created for this tune: An all CAPS warning informs the viewer that this one isn’t exactly about  cupcakes, rainbows, and unicorns. Instead, Youth Code point their fingers towards animal testing: In an aseptic room with a horror movie-suitable equipment and atmosphere (think Saw or Hostel), masked laboratory workers (I do not want to use the word “scientist”) do tests both on monkeys and humans—in latter case to be identified as the band’s Sara Taylor, often directly staring into the camera while suffering from the most bizarre tortures (one scene even resembles Dexter’s death ritual); the footage is both self-shot and provided by PETA.

Of course, this one is not about the very good aesthetics. As a political band, Youth Code want to raise their voice against the tortures animals have to suffer in laboratories every day – by placing Sara Taylor into the situation of a lab animal—the message is becomes more poignant, since the emotional bond to another human is usually stronger than towards an “anonymous” animal. The resemblance to Skinny Puppy’s VIVIsectVI is striking; on the one hand as a main influence of Youth Code the Canadian Industrial legends are relevant, on the other hand the topic of the song is really similar; the confrontational aspect is similarly high. Youth Code’s take on animal testing is as relevant as VIVIsectVI was back then; this should make it an absolute must for any admirer of harsh electronic music.

“A Place to Stand” has been released on 23rd september via Dais Records.


A1: Consuming Guilt
A2: To Burn Your World
A3: For I Am Cursed
A4: A Litany
B1: No Animal Escapes (Sanford Parker Smoke And Dark Heart Remix)
B2: Wear The Wounds (Clipping Remix)
B3: Sick Skinned (God Module Pandemic Remix)
B4: Let The Sky Burn (Silent Servant Remix)