Youth Code | The Dust Of Fallen Rome Song Premiere

[dropcap]That [/dropcap]we’re fans of Youth Code is no secret, and that we’re pretty stoked about the collaboration with Front Line Assembly‘s Rhys Fulber for their recent album Commitment to Complications isn’t exactly one as well.

The teaming of one of the hottest recent EBM bands with the veteran producer who worked with illustrous names as Fear Factory, Die Krupps, or even Mötley Crüe. The pioneering songs, Anagnorisis and Transitions, already showed that Sara Taylor and Ryan William George made huge steps forward as musicians since their excellent self-titled debut album, the Consuming Guilt EP, and The Dust Of Fallen Rome proves once again that there is a massive banger of an album ahead of us.

Synth arpeggios and rabid aggression that nods decently towards the band’s Hardcore Punk roots transcend into a solemn chorus dominated by synth strings before the band lets the hammer fall again in the verse again, with the epic chorus as a highly effective and masterfully arranged calm before the storm, the counterpart that keeps the song from being your average Hardcore EBM attack that puts Ionic Vision to shame easily.

With Anagnorisis and the B-Side Shift of Dismay, Transitions and The Dust of Fallen Rome, four songs are known so far, and there’s not much to say about them except for this—take a good listen and expect one of the most relevant, possibly game-changing albums in EBM and Industrial of this year. There will only be before and after Commitment to Complications, and so far, my attention is completely commited to this album, out soon.

Out on April 8 on Dais Records.

Track list:

  1. (Armed)
  2. Transitions
  3. Commitment To Complications
  4. The Dust Of Fallen Rome
  5. Anagnorisis
  6. Doghead
  7. Glass Splitter
  8. Lacerate Wildly
  9. Avengement
  10. Shift of Dismay
  11. Lost At Sea

Youth Code

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