Zanias premieres her video for the Unhuman Remix of ‘To The Core’

Austrian imprint Noiztank  releasing synth and darkwave artists Zanias’  techno infused ‘To The Core Remixes’ EP—due out November 27th.

The EP features 3 remixes of the track Follow The Body, starting Berghain’s resident Kobosil, who delivers strong dancefloor techno blended with Zanias’ vocals.

The next remix of Follow The Body is from August Skipper of Ascetic: and Operant, who under his guise as Agency guides the listener from a percussive beginning to a high pressured synthed end. The final remix of the track is showcased through Dax J’s raved-up high BPM, while Unhuman closes the ep with his remix of To the Core—bringing a sinister pulsing EBM atmosphere to the track, which is beautifully render in a pscyhedlic haze by the accompanying video for the 29 Nov Films.

For those in Berlin they can catch Noiztank label showcase at Arena Club on Saturday, October 28th.
Zanias will be joined by Unhuman, Zosima & Agency.